Reward That Puppy Dog Training, Inc.

Every single contemporary voice with a legitimate claim to the field of dog behavior and training has researched, demonstrated, stated, written and repeated, unequivocally, that punishment-based training and pain-inflicting tools that support such training beliefs are out of place in the dog and animal training community, and are not only ineffective in comparison to more humane and science-based training methods, but in fact can exacerbate existing behavioral problems, create new ones, and cause physical and psychological damage to the dogs involved. - Helena Norrby

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             Where learning never hurts...

Reward That Puppy Dog Training Inc Dog Training Classes in Rochester NY


  ....And you build the relationship with your best friend in a humane, compassionate way.
Puppy Class Open Enrollment Summer 2016
Private appointments for training skills and behavioral issues will continue.
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No shock, No pain, No choke, No fear, No physical force, No compulsion based methods are employed
At Reward That Puppy Dog Training Inc, dogs learn without fear, force, pain or intimidation.  
 Dogs are taught using the "learning-based approach" recommended by 

​​The  American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior

              The only Operation Socialization Certified Puppy Trainer in NYS