Getting puppies started early is a must. Therefore I have elected to concentrate at this time on having puppy classes ONLY. I never want to say "I don't have room". I will begin another class if the present class is over 6 puppies.

The importance of early socialization

Our puppy class

Beginner Heel Work - Obedience & Rally (Private Instruction)

For dogs over 4 months

30 minutes One on one Instruction.$30. 60 minutes $60                                                     

Consider taking training with your dog to a whole new level .   

 AKC Obedience and Rally - advanced training to refine their handling skills and build a stronger relationship, to increase their dog's skill level, and maybe  pursue other performance sports or enhance skills for therapy work with the dog.

Skills:  attention and focus; heeling; front and finish positions; the stand; the recall; and the sit / down stays.  Students also practice footwork and may use a platform.

 Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about  classes. Have a fearful reactive dog? Please contact me first.

AGILITY FOUNDATIONS - Privates or semi privates

For dogs over 5 months of age - having basic skills of Sit, Down, and Stay

Private lessons at my home ($60 1 hr, $30 1/2 hour) split with a friend! 

Familiarize your dog with training techniques that will help in his agility career – or in whatever you do! Present physical and mental challenges to help him/her gain confidence and physical awareness, as well as greater competence with manner skills. Some of the activities we work on are targeting, motivated stays (and releases), circle work, shaping, and speedy recalls. 

Foundations is  not about the agility equipment, but rather about your relationship with your dog and his willingness and ability to respond to your physical and verbal cues. We work with planks, a wobble , ladder on the floor (to learn rear end awareness), jump bumps, hoops and tunnels. Plenty of time for equipment – let’s learn being a team and a happy working dog!



The most effective way for our dogs to learn...

Based on scientific studies of animal behavior and learning theory, is to motivate the dog to learn new behaviors using food, toys, praise or anything else the dog really likes. It focuses on the entire relationship with the dog, based on trust.
Dogs will repeat what is rewarded. We do not want the dog to respond to us out of fear or to avoid pain. The fact is, learning for any species should be encouraged, not discouraged by using pain, force or intimidation.
Progressive positive reinforcement will build a confident willing dog. I will show you ho​w to build the relationship and then you put the training into action at home.


 For puppies 8 weeks to 16 weeks of age (small breeds up to 20 weeks),

  • Puppies must be home for one full week before class
  • lst round of vaccinations one week prior to class, bortadella is optional
  • Have been wormed and free of any internal or external parasites

This is not a traditional leashed class nor is it a puppy free-for all. You and your puppy will engage in supervised off leash interactions and settle down periods. The main objectives of the puppy classes are teaching the puppy impulse control, bite inhibition training, socialization to other people and dogs, and appropriate dog-dog interaction. Bite inhibition training and socialization have developmental deadlines and must be learned during puppyhood. Puppies must engage in appropriate canine play, and it is usually best with dogs of a similar age. Click "Registrations" to sign up. 

Class size limit - 6 puppies Spring and Summer, 4-5 puppies in the winter since we will be inside. 



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