Skill Building and Competitive Dog Sports
Privates are not just for behavior the bond with your dog and give them confidence by teaching them new skills such as Agility and Competition Obedience!

Whether you are a beginner or want to advance in skills your dog already knows, privates are available at your home or mine.

Not everyone wants to enter competitions or trials nor do you need to. Some folks just want to have fun with their dog in their backyard or teach their dog to do a competitive heel (different than loose leash walking).

Personally, I showed Tennessee Walking Horses for years and I didn't always love competing! I wasn't going to professionally compete with my dog, but he loved the sport of Agility and Rally, and golly he was good at I did.

I am one of the few Trainers in the area that has expertise in the training dog sports using totally positive reinforcement/force-free methods. 

  • Agility
  • AKC Rally-O
  • Competition Obedience (CD )
  • Certified Therapy Dog




    Privates do cost more than group classes because you receive 1 to 1.5 hours of my undivided attention that is focused on your dog and your personal goals. Privates can be done in your home, a park, or my location in W. Henrietta (reduced rate is offered at my location)

     You will first fill out a questionnaire on your dog so I am familiar with him or her before I meet them. I address the whole dog including food, exercise, their motivators, previous training methods, fears and the relationship within the family.

      My first concern is to address  any stress, fear or emotional upset present in the dog's life. Real learning cannot take place when there is unbalance in any one of the areas above. Once we have the dog in balance, so to speak, they are then free to be operant and learning can take place.

     Clients receive a lengthy written report addressing each need or skill desired. Along with that are video tutorials to help the client in remembering the teaching points of our visit. Depending on the case, videos may also be taken to help the client. These videos are confidential and will never be available to the public unless permissIon is given by the client.  

     My methodology is based on the SCIENCE OF DOG TRAINING, and recommendations from The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior.


      My methods are also based on ETHOLOGY. The Study of Animal Behavior.""Behaviorism and Ethology" are two different ways of studying behavior.  One is confined largely to the laboratory (behaviorism) and the other is based on field studies (ethology), Each tells us something different about an animal's response, but the conclusion from both disciplines, taken together, explain all that we and understand about animal behavior."

    Most behavioral issues should be addressed in the home where the dog lives.  (Please do read the highlighted links above)

Personal and Private Consults...Your home or mine?

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