Class Policies

All dogs & puppies must have been in the home for 10 days prior to attending class.

Puppies must have a minimum of 1 round of puppy vaccinations 7 days prior to class,  and continue with age appropriate vaccinations throughout class as determined by your veterinarian. 

NOTE:  Puppies must have a health clearance from a Veterinarian DVM

Older dogs must be current on Rabies, dewormed & DHLPP (Distemper-Parvo) before attending class. Please bring vaccination records with you the first time you visit the facility (class or Playtime).  I do not require Kennel Cough (We over vaccinate our puppies as it is and I know of dogs that received the vaccine and still got kennel cough) TITERS are accepted.

If your puppy or dog is not feeling well, please consult with your veterinarian. Please do not bring a sick puppy to class (vomiting, loose stools, coughing). We do recommend attending yourself if you're able to. We find that many people enjoy and learn more through observation when they don't have their pups in class. 

Cancellation Policy

Be aware of my positive reinforcement methodology. Visit a class if you like. Under no circumstances will I or students use verbal or physical corrections. Food is used in training since this is usually the #1 motivator for dogs and dogs eat anyway. If you don't want to use food, it is not the class for you.

Life happens, so they say, and there may be times when you have a session and can't attend.. There are no make-ups for singular classes. Classes are non-refundable but serious illness or emergences arise and you cannot attend the sessions as scheduled, payment may be applied to a future class or privates. If you miss a night you may attend on an alternate class if one is scheduled, to make it up. 

Fear Reactive Dogs (aggressive displays) or DOGS THAT HAVE BITTEN  PREVIOUSLY AND DREW BLOOD are not appropriate for the classroom setting. Dogs that display behaviors that could injure a dog/person may be removed from class when safety of the dog or others are at risk. Not all dogs can tolerate a class which is not usual and may need to have a private setting (in-home training)  or on the premises so they are comfortable, address the unwanted behavior and then be able to learn.

Payment  You may pay 50% down payment (rest due at first night of class) or in full by check, cash or a credit ( Once payment is received, you will be added to the roster of that class and secure your admission.  Send check to 5517 E. River Road. W. Henrietta NY 14586

You can use any credit card on Paypal without signing up forPaypal services.

Please call me first to confirm if class is scheduled or already full.                                                                                                                               




 There are no cash refunds.

Children in Class

Children are welcomed to attend class. Children under 10, including toddlers, will need another parent/guardian in attendance. Some children find class to be awesome and others...not so much. As the parent, you make the judgement if the children will be entertained in class or bored and possibly disruptive. If you have to miss a night of class because there is not another guardian, please do contact me. It is always great to utilize children in the socialization of dogs.

Equipment not allowed

  • Choke Chains, Prong Collars, Remote/electric collars, Slip leads. 
  • If your puppy or dog walks well on a collar (doesn't pull) and does not choke, it can be used.
  • Flexi extendable leashes.


Registration Form​ 

Before filling out the form, do call me or email me

 and I will let you know if the class is full. 

PAYMENT must accompany registration 

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Class Prices
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