Enjoying the Park !

Lexi and Simon

My dogs, Simon and Lexi:

Mystiques Mighty Simon - 11 yrs old.



Howlands Sunshine Need For Speed - 4 yrs 


 What to bring to Class?

 Here is your list so you will be prepared for the first night of class:

 1.  6ft leash - that is comfortable for you to hold. If you have a puppy, no need to buy a thick heavy leash.

 2.  Harness - For baby puppies or small breed dogs, any comfortable harness will do.

 I find the step in kind are sometimes difficult to put on a puppy. If your large puppy or dog is pulling you, I suggest a No-Pull harness  that is connected to the front of the harness across the chest strap. My preferences in order :

 The Freedom Harness                    Sensation Harness                        Easy Walk Harness

Order online or buy                                              Order online or buy at                                       Local Pet stores

 at Boom Towne,                                                 Boom Towne Canine Campus

Pitty Love Rescue,

Christopher Robins,

Tails of Success

Harnesses are used in conjunction with training to teach your dog to walk on a loose leash. Once they are not pulling you and understand the skill, a collar can be used if you so choose. They are not used for running, agility, or any dog sport. When you are not  practicing loose leash walking, do take the harness off in the home. If you decide to do tracking, weight pull, dog sledding,etc.  a harness is recommended for these sports.

3.  Treat Bag  - Fanny pack, carpenter's apron or something similar to hold your treats and keep your hands free from holding a bag. The treat bag are any  where from $12-$15 and last a very long time ( I have one that 8 years old) plus very easy to grab your treats. Can find at most Pet Stores

 4.  Food Treats-Bring the most delicious food that YOUR dog loves. (not you...your dog!). It should be soft so they don't spend time chewing and something that is healthy.  I bring one or more treats like chicken, turkey, roast beef, meatballs, cheese, liver, etc. Your dog decides what is their favorite. Your dog might like parboiled carrots!!  You can buy store treats like Zuke's, or the sausage type roll from Natural Balance or Pet Botonics. Now cut these up into 1/4" size pieces, or "pea" size. Bring 2 cups of food with you. 

If your class is around dinner time or you usually feed your dog late afternoon, DO FEED  your dog 1/2 of their night rations. I know...if you took classes before, you might have instructed NOT to feed your dog for 6-8 hours prior to class. BUT changing their schedule can be upsetting and make them more anxious. The dog will be hungry but not ravenous (from not eating), therefore leaving your fingers intact for the evening. They expect dinner so give them some dinner, just half of it.

5.  Bowl - for water especially for young puppies. There are some illnesses that can be transferred through saliva. We have plenty of water!!!

6.  Mat or Rug - The size should be so that your dog fits comfortably on when laying down. Nothing fancy, but since the floor is black, something in a light/bright color, sold or pattern would work well.  The rug or mat should lay flat on the floor (not puffy or shag). WHY? Dogs need to learn how to relax and be calm on CUE (command) and teaching them to Settle on a Mat, is a fun game for them plus they learn to relax on this mat.  It is great because you can easily roll it up and bring it with you to an outdoor cafe or concert, ice cream shop, parade, the Vet's office or grandma's house.  They find it very comforting no matter where you are (well almost!)

You can buy an inexpensive mat for $4-$6 at Walmart, Big Lots, or Ollie's.

7. Clicker - If this is your first class,  you will be given a clicker on the first night. Prior students bring yours...RIGHT!

8. Carrying Bag or tote - To carry all this stuff!!!


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